The following represents the procedure for adding, deleting or updating advertisements to DriveTV:

  • BMV will approve all advertisements to be displayed on DriveTV. Content added or altered must be submitted for BMV approval before being uploaded.
NO Vulgar, Obscene, or Inappropriate Products/Services
  • The BMV will not allow advertisements for any organization, group or business promoting vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate products/services.
NO advertisements promoting alcohol or drug use.
  • Advertisements promoting alcohol consumption and/or drug use are prohibited.
NO advertisements offering automobile insurance services
  • Advertisements offering automobile insurance services are prohibited.
NO political advertisements
  • Advertisements for political parties and/or endorsements are prohibited.
NO advertisements for any company requiring licensing from the BMV
  • Advertisements for any company requiring licensing from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in order to operate are prohibited (i.e. dealerships requiring a BMV dealer’s license).
Your advertisement be reviewed by the Field Operations Administrator
  • BMV representative will prepare a coordinating action for review and approval by the Field Operations Administrator and the Registrar’s Office for any new or corrected advertisements.