Content Guidelines


The following represents the procedure for adding, deleting or updating advertisements to DriveTV:

  • BMV will approve all advertisements to be displayed on DriveTV. Content added or altered must be submitted for BMV approval before being uploaded.

  • The BMV will not allow advertisements for any organization, group or business promoting vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate products/services.

  • Advertisements promoting alcohol consumption and/or drug use are prohibited.

  • Advertisements offering automobile insurance services are prohibited

  • Advertisements for political parties and/or endorsements are prohibited.

  • Advertisements for any company requiring licensing from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in order to operate are prohibited (i.e. dealerships requiring a BMV dealer’s license).

  • BMV representative will prepare a coordinating action for review and approval by the Field Operations Administrator and the Registrar’s Office for any new or corrected advertisements.

  • Coordinating actions shall include an image of the content recommended for display on DriveTV. Any changes shall be clearly noted on respective pages with date and name of person submitting changes.

  • A signed coordinating action by all representatives serves as approval for any content additions, deletions or updates to DriveTV.