• We provide an education and information network viewed by customers within the Deputy Registrar offices throughout the state.

The Opportunity

Every motorist or vehicle owner in the State of Ohio is required to complete certain transactions. Whether the transaction is obtaining a new driver’s license, purchasing license plates, transferring vehicle ownership, obtaining a boating license, or completing any number of related transactions patrons--- there is generally a waiting period standing in line or sitting while the transaction is being processed. Some tasks are annual, others every 4 years, others as-needed. These tasks are completed at Ohio Deputy Registrar locations throughout the state.

DriveTV makes waiting interesting by providing a mix of news, entertainment, public service announcements and advertising on a colorful vibrant display. This colorful digital signage advertising opportunity will soon be available to reach this highly captive and measurable audience throughout the State of Ohio. This digital signage opportunity is extremely targeted, measurable based on verifiable traffic, and free from adjacent interfering messages. This is a brand new and exclusive opportunity never before possible in this exclusive venue.

The Numbers

186  Ohio Deputy Registrar locations across the State of Ohio
13,000,000  Approximate verified transactions annually
9,750,000  Visits by customers to conduct one or more transactions
1.4  Average persons over age 16 in attendance per visit
14,468,979 Impressions viewed annually