drivetv_usa_trademarkReach over 18 million Ohioans for just over a penny!

Target a captive audience with digital signage in Ohio BMV offices.



Digital signage advertising is available in BMV offices. Advertiser messages are viewed by a captive audience waiting in line to obtain driver’s licenses, license plates and conduct other official transactions. DriveTVusa is entertaining and informative with content displayed on bright commercial LED monitors. It contains a mix of news, trivia, public service announcements and advertising.

Advertisers may choose specific BMV offices in a city, a county, a region, or the entire State. What reach do you need – statewide or local? Customize your ad campaign to the geographic areas important to your business. Adding digital-out-of-home to your media mix is a cost effective and efficient add-on to any campaign. And, because DriveTVusa has verifiable transactional data, advertisers know viewers are in BMV offices to see the content displayed.


Ad Specifications



2 Ways to Submit Your Ad

A.  Do it yourself:

  1. Create the ad using Adobe design products or other design software. Use the specs listed above.
  2. Save the file using the recommended file type listed above.
  3. E-mail the file to or upload the file to
B.  We’ll do it for you:

  1. E-mail your logo and copy with a description of the desired look of the ad to
  2. We create the ad then send you a proof.
  3. One free revision is given before our creative services charges by the hour.